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    Answers To The Top 3 Questions All Investors Are Asking Right Now!

    So what’s the short, medium and long-term impact of Coronavirus on the housing market? Are they going to crash as the stock market has? Is Australia going to fall into recession?   These are obviously questions on the mind of many investors in light of the economic woes around the ...


    Top 3 Tips For Landlords To Survive The Coronavirus Crisis

    If you are like most investors, one common question you may think of is what to do if your tenant cannot pay their rent due to COVID-19? Rest assured, you are not alone as this is an issue which, unfortunately, is faced by many Australians during these difficult times. So what can landlords do t...


    How Coronavirus Could Affect The Real Estate Market!

    Earlier this morning, our Director - Amar Thakkar went live on Ticker Property an online live television program broadcasted on TickerTV weekly on Mondays.They covered a range of topics from the current state of the Melbourne Real Estate markets, what it means for the inner west regions...