Professional Photography - Is It Worth It?

Many agents are now noting a marked improvement in the time it takes to lease a property
when the landlord has invested in professional photography.

Quality tenants are looking for clean, well-presented properties with good natural light.
Professional photographers are able to capture that, using their specialist equipment and
expertise. Professional photography can increase the number of quality inquiries and
inspections, securing a house proud tenant much faster.

The cost is tax deductible and usually covers itself on the first leasing, but if there are no
major changes you can use the same photos between several tenancies, achieving the
same benefit every time.

Black&White Tip: If your property’s well furnished and presented, organise the photography prior to
vacating, or if you have a tenant who presents the property really well ask your property
manager if they could request the tenants to allow you to have the photography done. Also,
consider the best time of day for natural light across internal and external living areas.