Black & White Property Management Pricing

If you have multiple units or multi-family properties, please contact us for a quote.


Every time a referral signs a property management contract with us, we'll give you 25% of the first month's rent.

NOTE: All figures stated are exclusive of GST & all Agents’ Management Fees and Advertising expenses are subject to negotiation. This schedule of Marketing and Managing Expenses forms part of the Leasing and Managing Authority (refer to Page 3 Leasing and Managing Authority). The expenditure in this authority is valid and relates to initial leasing and releasing expenses that the landlord approves each time the subject property requires leasing to a new tenant and costs relevant to ongoing monthly management. These approved expenses include GST and will be deducted from the landlord’s gross collected rental proceeds expect on the occasion when the Advertising Costs are due to be paid directly from the owner when the property has not been re-let by our office in order for the file to be completed. Expenses are subject to change.