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Tarneit has grown from the small suburb to one in which has had the spotlight on it for its massive growth. Tarneit sits roughly 30kms west of the Melbourne CBD in the great Council of Wyndham.

It is interesting to know that European settlement in the area began in the 1830s. Tarneit’s population was at 39,500 (as of 2017) and is set to increase to 63,000 by 2031.

The booming suburb is easily accessed by both metropolitan and regional transport, making it so much easier for those needing to travel in the mornings to work as Tarneit Station offers plenty of car parking, bike storages and has the bus services connecting throughout Tarneit.

Tarneit is called home by an abundance of families, therefore also being home to great schools as well. This includes Tarneit Senior College, Thomas Carr College, Westbourne Grammar and Baden Powell College.

Tarneit Central is the hub of everything you need in Tarneit, from everything from fashion to food – you’ll be able to find it there. Check out what’s on @Tarneit Youth Services to be updated on what’s happening around the community!