We Have Small Property Portfolios

We know why traditional real estate agencies struggle to provide reliable property management services... they overwork their property managers and end up with high staff turnover and poor customer service.

Most traditional real estate agencies ask their property managers to manage between 200 and 250 properties each (sometimes up to 300!), and this results in an exhausted property manager and terrible service.

Black & White only manage up to 150 properties per staff member, allowing our team to manage your property comfortably during a normal working week, and enjoying their jobs in the process!

We get your House a Professional Photo Shoot

We believe that professional photography shouldn’t be limited to properties for sale. We think that your property deserves amazing photography taken by a pro, not just by the Property Manager. We work with a team of real estate photographer who takes fantastic photos of your property, and you don’t pay a cent extra, it’s all included in our one-time marketing package.

We Know How Tenants find Rental Properties

Years ago, before the internet became popular, tenants used to visit real estate agencies, picking up rental lists, trying to find a rental property. Those days are gone now…

When a tenant is serious about finding a rental property, they don’t go to real estate agency offices, they don’t look in the newspaper, they know how quickly properties come up for lease and how quickly they get leased, and tenant’s aren’t particularly loyal to anyone real estate agency. In fact, they don’t even look at individual agency websites when they’re looking for a rental property. They go straight to:








Where they can find ALL the rental properties available, through ALL the real estate agencies.

Since we know where tenants are looking, we make sure that your property stands out above all the other properties listed online. We do this by using fantastic professional photographs and carefully designed marketing text so that tenants can’t overlook your property!

Tenants can book inspections ONLINE!

We have an online appointment booking service, which allows prospective tenants to book themselves in to view your property, anytime they have access to a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This means that even when our office is closed, tenants can make appointments to view your property, so you don’t miss an opportunity to rent out your property!

We Take LOTS of Photos at Every Inspection

Before your tenant moves into the property, we conduct an in-going condition report inspection (between 4 and 10 pages long), but we also take LOTS of photos of the property. An average of three bedroom home would have between 200 and 300 photos taken at the start of the tenancy. This ensures that we can easily ensure that your property is returned to the condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

While your tenant is living in the property, we conduct regular routine inspections of the property and include photos of each room so you can see exactly how your property looks while your tenant lives there!

Then, when we conduct your routine inspections, we take a photograph of every room, so that if you’re able to see exactly how your tenant is looking after your property.

We conduct 3-Monthly Inspections

Once your tenant moves into the property, we conduct the first inspection inside the house after the tenant has lived there for three months. This is a great opportunity to make sure that your tenants are looking after the house. At this point, we can determine whether we need to inspect the inside of the property again in three or six months’ time. If we’re really happy with the way the inside of the property is looking, we’ll schedule the next interior inspection in six months’ time, but we conduct the next drive by external inspection in three months’ time.

And of course, we invite you to attend ALL the internal routine inspections, so if you ever want to come and have a look at your house in person, you can!