Our job is to help you with the latest market insight, the most effective marketing, and a more genuine approach. We move at your speed, and we do it together, with a steadying hand that preaches comfort (and removes chaos) to help make life’s biggest decisions easier.

Your ideal buyer feels the same way. All that’s left is to find them.

Selling your home is one of life’s greatest challenges, so why go it alone or alongside someone who won’t completely devote themselves to your sale? That’s why we have focused our efforts on a unique approach, one that is devoted to our shared success when it comes to selling real estate in Melbourne.


Nowadays, a sign on your lawn or an ad in the local paper just doesn’t cut it. Potential buyers are using the internet, so a simple listing doesn’t set your home apart. We know the best ways to market homes effectively, so that your home isn’t just present – it stands out amongst the (online) crowd.


A fact in real estate is that different homes suit different types of buyers, which has a direct effect on the success of your sale. Our job is to position it effectively, to solicit the right kind of interest, so that you get the best possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time.


We know Melbourne real estate through and through, which means that We can help price your home to sell – for the best value and with respect to your timelines. The last thing you want to do is leave money on the table when selling real estate in Melbourne. Finding the best price for your home is how to ensure you never do.


We will always do our best to negotiate on your behalf. While you ultimately get to make the decision on whether to accept an offer for your home, we will work to ensure that the offers maximise your home’s inherent value.


We will help overcome the challenges to completing the sale. When an offer is presented with conditions, it is important to get the conditions addressed as quickly as possible so that the offer is “firm.” We will work with the buyer’s representative to ensure a conditional offer is made firm as quickly as possible.


Our website is well-placed in major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. Most agencies have a website to advertise your property – but if nobody can find it in the major search engines, it’s like a billboard standing in the middle of the jungle. We invest in professional search engine optimization (SEO) services, so that when someone searches for your property, they find it – and fast.


Whether it’s giving us a call, sending us a quick e-mail, or starting off by meeting at your home, we’ll meet to get a better idea of both your home and what you need when it comes to selling real estate in Melbourne. Both these elements will determine what we can do, and whether we make for the right match.

We’ll set a price for your home, ensure that it is marketed properly (and that it looks the part), handle offers, negotiations, and closing as it comes. We’re here to help, but you’re the one who makes all the decisions final.