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Williams Landing’s growth has been amazing in the last few years, not only in the estate but in every aspect. Williams Landing’s advantages lie within the exceptional things they have to offer such as direct access to the freeway, being only 31km away from Melbourne Airport and providing up to 23,000 new jobs around the community!

Williams Landing is surrounded by beautiful Parkland and has great shops within their Williams Landing Shopping Centre complex. Given the diversity of land, there are a number of different housing options situated within the suburb, to meet the criteria of everyone!


Fun Facts:

  • Williams Landing is named after Air Marshal Sir Richard
  • Williams Landings is still ongoing development.
  • There are four residential neighbourhoods
  • Have its own transport hub of train and bus services
  • Each residential neighbourhood has its own parkland and reserves
  • Every Wednesday at 10 am, children can enjoy storytelling time at Williams Landing Shopping Centre!